Their favorite color is blue. That’s what they tell the people who ask, and everyone is delighted that yet again, the twins share identical tastes.

But blue is not their favorite color.

Joanna prefers the gray shade of dead pupils. She’s spent a lot of time staring into them, searching for proof of life after death. She’s only seen herself in those eyes, though. She wonders if that means she’s dead, too.

Nelly’s favorite color is pink, the kind of pink you get from mixing blood with pus. She collects it beneath the bodies, or directly from the wounds. She’s considered bottling it for later and mixing it with her shampoo, but she has to work fast because it smells funky after a while.

They wear the same outfits. They style their hair the same way. But they kill people in very different ways, even though they share the same enjoyment from it.

Sadly, there’s no way to explain this to people without them getting upset. It’s simpler just to say they both like blue.

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