She’s got the hammer. That’s got to be an advantage. That’s what Erica tells herself as she crouches beside the woodshed and listens to the screaming from inside the cabin.

Joy, who told everyone that He didn’t exist and wouldn’t come, had the axe. At the time it had seemed like a good choice to take it, but Erica saw Joy go down beside the TV. The axe hadn’t helped her.

There’s a high-pitched yelp that sounds like it came from Ashley. Erica struggles to remember what Ashley had. Oh, right. It was the chainsaw. That should have been good, too, but Erica never once heard the sound of its buzz. It must have been broken. Or Ashley didn’t know how to use it. Doesn’t matter now. Not to Ashley.

Erica looks down at her right palm. It stings like a bitch. It had been Monica’s idea to cut their palms rather than a body part they used less frequently. Worst idea, ever. It hurts to grip the handle of the hammer, and the wood is slippery with her blood. She worries that the blood might allow Him to track her. After all, He’s only alive because of their blood…and because they said those words and repeated His name.

If Monica wasn’t already dead, Erica would have killed her for talking them into playing this game. What a stupid, stupid idea that was.

For now, she clutches her hammer and hopes she doesn’t drop it. The sounds inside the cabin have died down. He’ll probably come outside now if He knows she’s still alive.

She slows her breathing and hopes for the best.

The door of the cabin swings open.

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